Nayabashi Bridge area pt 1

It is quiet area even though near Nagoya station. I would love to run along the river. 🙂

Artwork along the street in Fushimi pt 2

There are so many art objects along the street. Fushimi is located between Nagoya station and Sakae. There are so many shops and restaurants around there.

Famous seafood restaurant in Nagoya

This restaurant is known especially for their crabs. It is pricey but pretty good! 🙂

Train to Mikawa Toyota

I like looking out the window on a train. 🙂

Minato Festival fireworks 2017 Finale

They have the best fireworks in this area. There are so many interesting and cute ones like stars and hearts. They come up with some new designs every year. I am so lucky that I can see them from my balcony. I would not want to go there since it gets super crowded.

Kariya Festival Float

This float traveld all over Kariya city. It is quite big!! It is an annual event.

Sculptures along the Streets of Fushimi Pt 1

It says ” Gather around everyone”
I thought it was creepy first… looks like those hands were trying to escape from hell… hahaha