Train to Kita Okazaki station Aichi Japan

I like the bowling pin on the top of the roof. 🙂


Train to Ekaku station Aichi Japan

There are some houses along the trail rails. I would not stand the noise though..

Bronco Billy Steakhouse Drink bar and Matcha Latte with AMAZING whipped cream

All you can drink and eat Gelato!!

Small neighborhood Buddha near Atsuta

He got so many origami cranes. Very neat.

Mikawa Toyota Train Coming into the Station

I like being on a train! 🙂

Paths along Toyokawa Inari Temple pt3

There are many things to look in this shrine!!

Paths along Toyokawa Inari Temple pt 2


Toyokawa city is located the East part of Aichi prefecture. It takes a couple of hours from Nagoya by car. Toyokawa Inari shrine is the second well known shrine next to Atusta shrine around here.