This is Nami and David. We are a couple living in Japan and creating exciting and new content in many different ways. We create cute characters and provide products with them through Zazzle. We have books available through Amazon.com (just search for Nami O’Donnell). They run the range from humorous rants about cultural differences to travel guides about our great city, Nagoya, Japan.

We also have some children’s books coming soon featuring some of our characters, such as BelleBelle, the cockatiel, and Lulu, the Senegal parrot. Oh yeah, we are parrot lovers as well.  <stupid grin here>

Check out everything we have. There is bound to be something that interests you.

This blog will introduce you to us, what we are doing and creating, and give you a glimpse into real life in Japan. Get ready for “what the parrots saw today”…