Nayabashi Bridge area pt2

It is quiet area even though near Nagoya station. I would love to run along the river. 🙂

Nagoya Station Golden clock

People meet up with their friends at the clock. Since there are so many people all the time, I try to avoid going there. I could get lost!! Haha!! 🙂

Artwork along the street in Fushimi pt 3

There are so many art objects along the street. Fushimi is located between Nagoya station and Sakae. There are so many shops and restaurants around there.

Crazy Burgers in Nagoya Japan

So many kinds of freaky burgers are available at Lotteria in Japan. Once competing with McDonalds, now breaking out and definitely doing their own thing!

The REAL Super Mario Cart and a small garden in Fushimi

Super Mario is awesome!! 🙂

Alice in wonderland sweets buffet

There are so many sweets buffets in Nagoya. I have never been one since I want regular food as well. 🙂

Nanachan Kirin beer

She changes up an outfit all the time. It is funny that she is holding a deep fried shrimp as well!! 🙂